A Boat Journey Paragraph 150 Word 200 Word and 300 Word For Class 6, 7, 8, 9

A boat journey paragraph (150 words)

A trip by boat is known as a journey by boat. A boat ride is always lovely and enjoyable. Last year when I was on my summer vacation, I visited a friend’s home in Nazipur to see his family. He said we could go there by boat. We went to the ghat and hired a boat. We took the boat from the river bank. The boatman hoisted the rudder. We started our journey from Mohadevpur to Nazipur.

The sun’s rays reflected on the river, making it shine. It was incredible to witness. During my journey, I was able to enjoy the beautiful sights along the river’s banks. I could see fishermen catching fish, women washing clothes, and children swimming in the water. Everything around us was breathtaking. The cool wind soothed our souls. We enjoyed every view of the river. Then we reached home at night. I will always remember this breathtaking and wonderful journey.

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A boat journey paragraph (200 words)

A journey by boat is always pleasant for me. On my last winter vacation, I traveled by boat from Dhaka to Barisal with my family. We were a group of four. We hired a large boat and began our journey at 8 a.m. The sky was blue and the temperature was very cold. Their river was also very quiet. It was full of small waves. Our boatman rowed for a bit before setting sail. The boat started moving nicely. The scenery on both sides of the river was beautiful. There were green fields, rice fields, and jute fields, as well as rows of trees with flowers and fruits. Everything was blurry because of the foggy weather. These things caught our attention.

Fishermen were fishing. Women were spotted carrying pitchers of clean water. When the sun rose above our heads, many young boys and girls were bathing and swimming in the warm river. We had rice and duck eggs on the boat. And brought a large hilsha fish (Ilish) from a nearby fisherman. It was late in the afternoon. The sun was going down. The sunset scene was beautiful. The boat traveled slowly and we arrived at our destination at 7 pm. Without a doubt, it was one of the most memorable days of my life.

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A boat journey paragraph (300 words)

Traveling by boat from one place to another is known as a journey by boat. Bangladesh is a country full of rivers and boats. In our country, traveling by boat is very common. I got the opportunity to travel by boat last summer. My two besties were with me. It was a lot of fun. We were invited to one of our friend’s hometowns. We agreed to travel as a group of three. The journey was more than 15 miles. We arrived at the ghat the next morning and hired a boat. We got on the boat and the boatman hoisted the sail. We began our tour from Shdorghat and traveled to Chadpur. We traveled over the Padma River. The river was peaceful. We were all charmed by the whispering sound and the fresh air. Everything seemed to be running behind us.

The sun’s rays reflected on the river, making it shine. There were many textile factories on both sides of the river. We also observed paddy fields, long lines of trees, and buildings. Many fishermen were fishing with their boats. Little boys and girls were swimming. By the river banks, several women were filling their jars, gossiping, and washing clothes. Birds were flying around. One of my friends was a good singer. We requested him to perform a song. He sang a folk song. On the boat, we had some drinks and boiled eggs. It gave us a fresh start. We arrived at our location around 1 p.m. We had a great time on the journey. We were incredibly pleased. We paid 3000 taka to the boat’s owner. We came home with wonderful recollections. The journey was so enjoyable that I will never forget it.

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