A Comprehensive Guide To Buying Bitcoin Cash In Bangladesh

Bitcoin Cash is a digital currency that came off the main Bitcoin network to offer faster transaction speeds and lower prices than its predecessor. If you live in Bangladesh and want to learn how to buy Bitcoin Cash, this article will guide you through the process.

Understanding Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash was created during the hard fork of the Bitcoin blockchain in 2017. Developers simply make another blockchain with different rules, and the main difference is block size compared to Bitcoin. Compared to Bitcoin, BCH increased the block size, which provides faster transaction speed and potentially lower fees.

Things to Consider Before You Buy

  • Regulation: The regulatory situation about cryptocurrency is under development in Bangladesh. Well, it doesn’t prohibit buying or holding crypto, but keeping an eye on any official announcements issued by the Bangladesh Bank is strictly recommended.
  • Volatility: Like any other cryptocurrency, Bitcoin Cash also sees high and low tides in price changes. Be prepared for prices to swing, and only invest what you can afford to lose.
  • Security: When one invests in Bitcoin Cash, they will take all responsibility for keeping it safe. This means carefully selecting a secure platform to create a wallet and store BCH.

Steps of Buying Bitcoin Cash in Bangladesh

There are two main ways to obtain Bitcoin Cash in Bangladesh:

  • CEXs: These are online marketplaces where buyers and sellers of cryptocurrencies interact. Most centralized crypto exchanges are user-friendly and accept a variety of payment options, including bank transfers, debit/credit cards, and even mobile wallets. This is a broad breakdown:
  • Choose the CEX: Note the reputable CEX operators in Bangladesh, particularly those with a good safety record. Globally, examples include Binance, Coinbase, and Bitget—the notice here is that availability depends on both local regulations and your location.
  • Sign Up and Verification: Finish the signup process with the CEX by providing your private details and government-issued ID.
  • Deposit: Transfer Bangladeshi Taka (BDT) into your CEX account with the available deposit methods.
  • Buy Bitcoin Cash: Look for BCH’s trading pair, such as BCH/BDT, and create a buy order with the amount you want to acquire in BCH and at what price. Your exchange wallet will get a credit of BCH after the order has been completed.
  • Peer-to-peer (P2P) Trading: In this scenario, you purchase Bitcoin Cash straight from another individual. P2P platforms link buyers and sellers while guaranteeing transaction security, which improves operational efficiency. Here’s how to make things simpler:
  • Select a P2P Platform: Many P2P platforms work in the Bangladeshi market. Do some research and pick one that is reputable with robust security features—one that includes escrow services, holding funds until the transaction is complete.
  • Find a Seller: A seller can be found by going through their listings, filtering them according to one’s preferred payment method—bank transfer or mobile wallet—and prices.
  • Initiate a Trade: After finding a decent seller, you are ready to initiate a trade following the instructions on the platform. This will typically entail placing an order and sending BDT to the targeted account of the seller through your preferred payment method.
  • Receive Bitcoin Cash: After getting the payment information, the seller will release BCH to your wallet from escrow.


Provided with the correct information and platform, buying Bitcoin Cash in Bangladesh is very simple. Always remember to be security-conscious grasp the regulatory environment, and never invest more than you can afford. If you followed this guide and did your proper research, then you should feel confident enough to take on the world of Bitcoin Cash in Bangladesh.


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