A Rickshaw Puller Paragraph For Class 6 ,7 JSC and SSC

A Rickshaw Puller is a common paragraph in the syllabus of students in class 6.7, JSC, and SSC. This paragraph has come up many times in board exams. So if you are a school student, here’s A Rickshaw Puller paragraph in easy words:

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A Rickshaw Puller Paragraph for Class 6, 7 (150 words)

A rickshaw puller is a hardworking person who earns his living by driving a rickshaw. Rickshaw is the most common vehicle in our country. From villages to busy cities, everyone takes a rickshaw ride to go from one place to another. A rickshaw puller uses his legs and hands to pull and push the rickshaw forward. This requires a lot of energy. He works 10 to 12 hours a day. He starts his day early in the morning, cleans his rickshaw and waits for passengers in busy places. Usually, he earns 300-600 taka a day.

Most of the rickshaw pullers do not have their own rickshaws, they take it on rent. As he doesn’t have a handsome income, he struggles to maintain his family. He usually lives in slums. A rickshaw puller is an important member of our society as his service has a huge contribution to our transport system. In fact, they are an integral part of our daily lives.

A Rickshaw Puller Paragraph for JSC (200 words)

A rickshaw puller is a hard-working day laborer who earns his living by pulling rickshaws all day long. This three-wheeled vehicle is the most common transport in our country. From busy cities to villages, everyone uses rickshaws to travel short distances. A rickshaw puller works up early in the morning, cleans his rickshaw and waits for customers. Pulling rickshaws along with the weight of passengers is really tough. It requires a lot of force. During harsh weather such as in extreme heat and rain, it becomes harder.

But unfortunately, the wage is not pleasing at all. On top of that, most of the time he doesn’t own a rickshaw, he takes it on rent. So the end of the day, he needs to pay the rental fee as well.  That’s why, a rickshaw puller cannot lead a prosperous life. He lives in the slums. Sometimes when he or his family member gets ill, he cannot even afford proper treatment. Despite all these hardships, most of the rickshaw pullers are cheerful and friendly. They share local occurring, jokes and stories with the passengers. They are a part of our daily lives. However, a rickshaw puller plays a significant role in our transport system. They have a huge impact on our national economy.

A Rickshaw Puller Paragraph for SSC (300 words)

Rickshaw is the most popular transport in our country. A large percentage of people make a living by pulling rickshaws. A rickshaw puller is a hardworking and dedicated person. He transports passengers and goods over short distances. It’s really hard to pull the weight of passengers and goods just with the strength of legs. But this silent hero does it 365 days of the year from scorching heat to misty winter.

He works from dawn to dusk. In spite of these challenges, he can’t earn a good amount to live a comfortable life. As usually he doesn’t own a rickshaw of his own, he needs to give a large portion of his income to the rickshaw owner as a fee.

He usually lives in the slums, can’t afford healthy nutritious food or sometimes can’t even pay for his children’s education. In today’s commodity prices, it has become even more difficult to run a family for a low-income person like a rickshaw puller. Overall, his life is full of struggle and hardship. But despite all these struggles, he welcomes his customers with a smile and charts with them about current and local affairs. Sometimes he has also seen bargaining with passengers for a fair fare. In this world of technology and modernization, the service of a rickshaw puller is still very essential in our day-to-day life.

They make our short journeys easy and comfortable at the lowest fare. But sometimes some passengers are seen looking down and disrespecting them. All these unacceptable behavior should be stopped. It’s the responsibility of today’s generation to show due respect to all spheres of people. Government should also look into them and offer loans in easy installments to that they can buy a rickshaw of their own.

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