A Winter Morning Paragraph For Class 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and SSC

A Winter Morning Paragraph (150 Words)

A winter morning is a very cold morning. It is usually foggy. Sometimes, the fog is so thick that nothing can be seen even at a little distance. Everything looks gloomy and hazy. Trees become bare of leaves. Dew drops fall on the grass and everything looks shiny. On a winter morning, people usually go to work late. Somehow it’s not pleasant for everyone. The poor suffer much as they do not have warm clothes. Village people usually make fires with wood to warm up themselves.

While the rich cover themselves with woolen clothes and blankets. Date juice is very famous on winter mornings. People usually enjoy many kinds of Pitha, pies, and sweets on a winter morning in Bangladesh. The fog fades away as the sun rises, and the beauty of the winter morning gradually disappears. People come out of their homes to warm up. Despite the very cold weather, winter morning is a very enjoyable morning.

A Winter Morning Paragraph (200 Words)

Winter is the coldest season in Bangladesh. It starts in December and lasts till March. These mornings are chilly and hazy. Everywhere is covered in thick fog in the morning. The dew drops fall on the plants and the leaves sparkle like diamonds.

However, winter is a problem for the poor. Poor folks lack the money to purchase warm clothing. They can be seen stoking a fire to keep warm. People are often late to their respective work due to foggy weather. Tea and coffee are popular morning drinks during the winter. The farmers dress warmly and go to work late. On a winter morning, everyone gathers around and sits in the sun as the sun starts to rise. People enjoy the sun’s rays very much. Those who can’t afford warm clothes are seen constantly looking forward to the warmth of the sun to ward off the cold. In winter mornings, date juice sellers are often found selling date juice from door to door. Wonderful Pithas, Cakes etc have been enjoyed in these time.
Though in cities, it is hard to appreciate the beauty of winter mornings. You must visit the village if you want to experience the real beauty of a  winter morning.

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A Winter Morning Paragraph (350 Words)

The coldest season of the year comes with a serene beauty. A winter morning is the best example of serene beauty. The coldness of winter takes over nature and the morning looks gloomy and hazy. Everything is in the grip of a severe cold. The dry leaves fall from the trees and the trees become bare of leaves. Due to the foggy weather, everything becomes blare. Nothing can be seen from a little distance. Dewdrops also fall during the night. Because of the dew drops on the grasses and plants, nature sparkles in the ray of the morning sun.
Both children and the elderly experience great anguish as a result of cold weather. They experience colds and other illnesses.

To build a fire, villagers gather straw and dried leaves. The young and the elderly enjoy the sun when it appears. People in Bangladesh enjoy various “pithas” in the morning. Date juice is used to produce delicious sweetmeats. Fresh date juice is often sold from door to door in the morning. One can enjoy a glass of sweet date juice on a winter morning. This juice is also used to produce delicious sweetmeats. To protect the body from severe colds, people usually cover themselves with woolen clothes. Tea and coffee are often enjoyed on winter mornings.

But the poor village people and the slum dwellers in cities suffer greatly for the want of warm clothes. Winter mornings are a misery for them. They bask in the sun to get rid of the cold in the mornings.
People typically wake up late on a winter morning. Though the scenery in towns is different. On a winter morning, cities are normally found crowded and busy. But the majority of the village activities start late. Villagers wake up late and go to the fields to haul cattle. The mustard flower field in the early winter is a beautiful sight. Winter mornings can’t be enjoyed properly in towns. One must go to villages to enjoy winter mornings.

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