Top 5 Reasons To Have Custom Virtual Office Background for Your Meetings

Custom Virtual Office

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You always want to put your best face forward during virtual meetings. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a presenter or an attendee, or you join with your camera off — when it’s time to turn the camera on, you must be ready. A high-resolution virtual office background is a simple, convenient, and inexpensive upgrade to your video conferencing experience. In this guide, you’ll learn five key benefits from these digital backdrops.

Promote a Professional Appearance

Others can and will judge you by appearances. You might be meeting with brand-new clients you’re trying to impress, peers in your industry, your direct reports, or media professionals. Live video feeds could be seen by the general public. You want a quick and convenient way to hide your home office or your surroundings, especially if you’re dealing with massive clutter or on a workcation. With a virtual background, you just upload the image you want and you’re ready to roll.

Show Off Your Brand Identity

Virtual office backgrounds help you appear polished and poised. With logo branding options, you can take this to the next level. Services such as Virtual Office provide easy personalization. By following a few simple steps, you can have a custom Zoom background with logo in less than five minutes.

Virtual Office branded backgrounds are compatible with other platforms such as Zoom, Google Meet, Skype, and Amazon Chime. All you need is a .JPG or .PNG file containing your logo with a transparent background — in other words, there should be no white or other background color around or inside empty spaces in your logo. Virtual Office overlays your logo on its high-res backgrounds, creating a natural and seamless appearance.

Limit Distractions

Virtual backgrounds work because of portrait segmentation, a technology that uses AI neural networks to separate your face and body from the rest of your outgoing video stream. Your face and body remain, while surrounding elements can be replaced. Once you chose your virtual background, viewers only see you and your backdrop. Nothing else — not your cat, your toddler, your spouse wandering into the frame — is visible to other attendees.

Create a Positive Viewing Experience

Virtual meetings often include teammates, clients, or industry peers. Occasionally, they may involve news media. If your video feed is later released for public viewing, using a professional office background ensures that the footage is easy on the eyes. Viewers can give your message the attention it deserves.

Distinguish Your Organization

Sales meetings are a natural place for using logo-branded backgrounds. With your logo visible, you create a positive association in your clients’ minds. The same is true for larger meetings, especially with other industry pros. Your custom logo office background for Teams, Zoom, Google Meet, or other platforms stands out both when you’re speaking and when you’re visible in gallery view. In this context, your background is ideal for supporting your organization’s branding strategy.

Online virtual background services like Virtual Office offer extensive image libraries. Modern office scenes with minimalist decor and neutral color schemes are often the best choices. Displaying timeless appeal and contemporary looks, these backgrounds are appropriate for remote workers in any industry.

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