Best Pro Sports Bettors & Their Experiences With Sports Betting

Professional sports bettors have accomplished something that most of us only dream of. They all converted a passion into a very profitable job. However, multi-million dollar successes equally carry the risk of multi-million dollar losses. So, how does one become a full-time all-star sports bettor? What is their secret? Most importantly, who are these sports betting pros, and how did they get famous? We have run research and created a list to inspire you to become the best online betting pro.

What Professional Sports Bettors Do?

If you visit your favorite online sportsbook every weekend and place a few bets, you are most likely not a professional. But all sports bettors must start somewhere, right? A professional sports bettor is someone who bets on sports and gets a stable income out of it. That often entails doing extensive research, developing expert betting models, and, in some instances, generating weekly choices for their fanbases.

In most instances, the most prominent professional sports betting figures have a strong understanding of bankroll management and employ a specialized betting method, such as arbitrage betting or middling, to build their fortunes. Others have developed flawless algorithms that enable them to generate double-digit team parlays or identify value in underserved regions. When it comes to becoming a pro at, a bettor must have a great eye for detail.

Top Professional Sports Bettors of All Time

We all know who the top NFL players and NFL heroes are, but who are the best pro sports bettors of all time? Well, there are plenty of people to be inspired by.

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Steve Fezzik

Steve Fezzik has an impressive background. He has served as a Chess Candidate Master and a Fellow in the Society of Actuaries. Steve even was Vice President of a Major Los Angeles Insurance Company from 1995 to 2001. However, the true pinnacle of Fezzik’s career was taking part in the NFL sports betting tournament.

In the 1990s, Fezzik spent his weekends betting on football in Nevada, ultimately earning more on Saturday and Sunday than at his normal 9-to-5 job. After a decade of interstate betting success, Fezzik relocated to Las Vegas in 2001 and rapidly became a sensation, winning six big sports betting events for over $1 million over the next decade.

In two of those sports betting events, the 2008 and 2009 Las Vegas Hilton SuperConest, Fezzik defeated over 300 contestants to win back-to-back championships in what is known as the World Series of Sports Betting. Fezzik is the only two-time champion.

Marco D’Angelo

While most professional bettors on our list began their careers in sports betting, Marco D’Angelo made a name for himself at the track. D’Angelo’s knowledge of horse betting allowed him to quickly transition to sports betting, where he was quite successful. However, success did not come easily. Initially, D’Angelo’s sports bets failed to make an impression, prompting him to develop his own betting method. D’Angelo’s percentage-based technique has become a go-to source for successful amateur gamblers.

Gadoon “Spanky” Kyrollos

Gadoon “Spanky” Kyrollos switched from a high-pressure stock market job to sports betting and has never looked back. The Rutgers undergrad has now become one of the greatest names in the sports betting market. Kyrollos established his profession and bankroll using two strategies: arbitrage betting and middling. 

  1. Middling is a method in which a bettor lays bets on both sides of a game at separate lines, giving them the possibility to profit from both wagers. 
  2. Arbitrage betting, often known as scalping, is based on betting on both sides of a game at higher rates with separate sportsbooks to ensure a profit. The whole technique is centered on determining the house edge via line shopping point spreads and then making betting judgments based on that information.
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Ben Patz

Ben ‘Parlay” Patz has made headlines in recent years, but not for the right reasons. Patz, a well-known parlay builder renowned for enormous payouts on double-digit team parlays, got into trouble after sending threatening direct messages to sportsmen ranging from Pepperdine basketball stars to Atlanta Braves players. 

Jimmy “The Greek” Snyder

In the 1980s, Jimmy Snyder was a famous betting expert. He started his betting career over 40 years ago. At one moment, he decided to stake $10,000 in the 1948 presidential election. Snyder says he gambled on Truman, who had 17-1 odds, just because of his opponent’s mustache. Snyder claims Dewey didn’t have a chance because “American women didn’t trust men with a mustache.”

Snyder made the NFL Today appointment TV since his choices were usually well-researched and had a high success rate. Snyder is partly responsible for pushing sports betting analysis into the mainstream since he uses his platform to disseminate betting principles to the people.

Be Inspired!

The above stories prove that it is possible to make millions with sports betting. The only trick is to make it smartly!

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