Dhaka Metro Rail Paragraph 150, 200, 300 word For Class 6, 7, 8, 9, SSC

Dhaka Metro Rail Paragraph ( 150  Words)

The Dhaka Metro Rail is a planned metro system that will provide modern, efficient, and rapid mass transit. It is typically located above street level on elevated structures that are constructed of steel or concrete. The Dhaka Metro Rail project’s construction started in 2012, to relieve Dhaka’s severe traffic jams. And it is expected to be completed by 2026. Already 6 metro trains are running from Agargao to Diyabari. The metro rail system will have six lines of 128 kilometers in length, with 16 underground and 185 elevated stations. Once it is completed, it can carry nearly 60000 passengers daily. It will significantly shorten travel time within Dhaka. The initiative is estimated to save 200 billion Taka every year, which will be a major relief for our country’s first-growing economy. It will also make citizens’ lives easier. So, we can claim that metro rail will give us a modern and comfortable future.

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Dhaka Metro Rail Paragraph (200 Words)

A metro rail system is a high-capacity train system. It is also referred to as a rapid transportation system. It has typically tracked above street-level elevated structures that are constructed of steel or concrete. The Dhaka Metro Rail is a much-anticipated mass transit solution for the rising city of Dhaka, Bangladesh. With a population of over 23 million people, the city faces massive transportation issues, and the proposed metro system is considered as a method to serve people with rapid, dependable, and efficient transportation options.

On February 20, 2013, the government of Bangladesh signed a contract with the Japan International Cooperation Agency for the construction of the 20.1-kilometer-long Metro Rail. The Dhaka metro is expected to carry over 60,000 passengers each hour. The entire route will take less than 40 minutes. We anticipate that it will help to solve the problem of traffic jams. With noise barriers and a vibration-free line, the metro would be noise-free! The vehicle would be constructed of stainless steel and aluminum alloy. Every four minutes, trains of six air-conditioned capacious carriages will arrive. The metro rail stations started from Uttara to Motijhill with 16 Stations. Finally, I’d like to emphasize the importance of Metro rail in the development of our city.

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Dhaka Metro Rail Paragraph ( 300 Words)

Metro Rail is a rapid transit system that is commonly used in large cities worldwide. The ‘Dhaka Metro Rail’ is a government public transportation project being built in the Dhaka Metropolitan area and supported by JICA. The project is now in the planning and development stages, with construction set to start soon. The projected metro system will consist of many lines totaling around 200 kilometers in length and will act as a key source of transit for city residents.

The projected network will have several lines and will service a wide portion of the city, including the city center, airports, and universities. The metro rail project is projected to reduce traffic jams, enhance air quality, and boost the city’s economic growth. The project’s goal is to provide Dhaka inhabitants with a contemporary, efficient, and environmentally friendly transit service. To guarantee a smooth and safe travel experience, the metro rail system will use cutting-edge technology and equipment, such as autonomous trains and modern signaling systems. The stations will be built with passenger convenience in mind, including ticket vending machines, passenger information systems, and retail shops. The Executive Committee of the National Economic Council (ECNEC) approved the ‘Dhaka Mass Rapid Transit Development Project’ or ‘Dhaka Metro Rail Project’ in December 2012. This required the establishment of six routes. The first metro rail system, known as ‘MRT Line-6,’ is currently approaching completion, and its Uttara to Agargaon segment has opened for passenger travel. This path is 21.26 kilometers long. It will contain a total of 24 train sets. When finished, the Dhaka Metro Rail is planned to carry approximately 60,000 passengers per hour and more than 5 lakh passengers per day. Dhaka’s population density can be reduced with the help of metrorail.

When the Dhaka Metro Rail project is completed, it will improve the lives of people in the capital, spare professionals, patients, and students from wasting time and suffering in traffic, and play an important part in Bangladesh’s economy.


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