Digital Bangladesh Paragraph For Class 6, 7, 8, 9, SSC and HSC

Digital Bangladesh Paragraph ( 150 words )

Digital Bangladesh means making Bangladesh a middle-income country with digital technology. This is also known as “Vision 2021”. Bangladesh is a developing country with a large rural population. The majority of them are uneducated and rely on agriculture for a living. Many areas in this country still lack access to electricity and the internet. So our prime Minister Sheikh Hasina promised to give us a developed country with enough electricity and internet access before winning the National Elections of 2008.

This includes people of all classes, will have access to all kinds of technology. The purpose of Digital Bangladesh is to provide a brighter future for the people of the country while confronting the obstacles. The government emphasized on the four elements of “Digital Bangladesh Vision” which are human resource development, people involvement, civil services and use of information technology in business.It will eliminate corruption and promote accountability, as well as save time and money and minimize unemployment. so we should come forward to achieve this dream.

Digital Bangladesh Paragraph ( 200+ words )

Digital Bangladesh is one of the country’s current slogans. It represents a vision of a country in which everything is dependent on technology.

Every activity in the country will be technology-based. People will make extensive use of computers. People will regulate their activities through computers linked to the internet. There are numerous advantages to being digital in Bangladesh. The people of Bangladesh will profit greatly if the government can develop a digital Bangladesh. The country’s corruption will be reduced. People can think more clearly and become more connected to the rest of the world. The country’s cultural, economic, political, and social conditions will all be enhanced. People require training to get the skills required to make the country digital. People’s lives can be drastically altered if they have access to any type of information at any time. Furthermore, digitization can reduce stress for everyone. People can lighten their workload.

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However, converting the entire country to digital is a difficult task. The government must undertake numerous projects. Corruption in the country will be decreased if the government fully implements it. Digital Bangladesh is our dream. To make this dream come true we all need to come forward. The government can’t alone make it possible if its citizens are ignorant. So we all have come forward and joined hands with the government to build Digital Bangladesh.

Digital Bangladesh Paragraph ( 300+ Words )

Digital Bangladesh was the political manifesto of the Bangladesh Awami League party before winning the National Elections of 2008. It was a dream that represents Bangladesh’s vision for 2021. The concept implies a prosperous, technologically advanced country where computers would be widely used.

Digital Bangladesh also known as “Vision 2021” expresses where this country needs to be in 2021. It also implies that computers will monitor or control all of the country’s economic activity through the internet. Bangladesh is a developing country. Most people are illiterate and poor farmers. Many areas of this country still don’t have electricity and internet. All these people can’t have good education and proper health care. Furthermore, this country is still afflicted by issues such as unemployment, food scarcity, overcrowding, corruption, natural catastrophes, and so on.

The concept of digital Bangladesh can solve these problems. Corruption will be substantially decreased by increasing transparency and accountability.It will encourage people to think internationally and interact with the rest of the globe economically, politically, socially, academically, and culturally.The government has taken specific steps to make the dream of Digital Bangladesh a reality. Firstly, an uninterrupted power supply has been provided. Government has built computer network infrastructures across the country.

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They also made training centers which help our employees to acquire the necessary skills. They have ensured equal access to digital government services for all segments of society. Finally, nowadays our education is becoming computer-based, and kids in primary and secondary schools have easy access to computers. Technology advancement has become an important component of our world, and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina acknowledged the significance of keeping up with these advances. Sajib Wajed Joy, her son, played a vital role in exposing Bangladesh to the world of Information and Communications Technology (ICT).

To summarize, Digital Bangladesh is about developing a technologically advanced nation that is beneficial to its people and enables Bangladesh to move forward into a more promising period in history.

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