My First Day At School Paragraph for class 7, 8, 9, And SSC

First Day At School Paragraph (150 words)

Human life is full of wonderful memories. My first day at school is one of them. It remains an unforgettable memory in my mind. My first day at school was exciting. The date was January 1, 2011. I rode a rickshaw to school with my mother. The time was 8 a.m., and the road was clear. We arrived at school on time. My mother took me to the Headmaster’s office. I was both excited and terrified.

My heart was racing. But his friendly demeanor and soft comments put me at ease. He asked me my name, and I told him. Then he directed my attention to a letter chart and asked me to say several letters. I could answer them all. Then the headmaster immediately called a teacher, and directed him to escort me to my class. Then I enter the classroom after saying goodbye to my father and the teacher. He welcomed me and set me up in the classroom. My classmates welcomed me warmly, and I was overjoyed.

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My First Day At School Paragraph for class 7 (200 Words)

In human life, there are many wonderful memories. While some memories are forgotten, others are so significant that the heart can never forget them and they stay evergreen in our memories. My first day of school is one of the most memorable days of my life.

When my parents announced that I would be attending school, I felt ecstatic and began leaping and dancing in delight. Then the anticipated day arrived. I walked to each member of our family and got blessings from everyone. I was in a happy and positive attitude. Then my father accompanied me to our small primary school. Then my father escorted me to the headmaster’s office. He asked me certain questions, and I answered them all. He was happy with my response.

Then I joined my classmates in yelling and rushing on the school grounds. I assumed I went to school just to have fun with others my age. The bell for the classroom rang, and I walked into my first class of the school year. I was enrolled in the first class. The class teacher and students welcomed me warmly. I was nervous at first, but I soon became normal. I shall remember this day until the day I die.

First Day At School Paragraph (300 words)

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Everyone has a sweet memory of their first day at school. It’s a memory we will never forget. It always remains fresh in our hearts.

In 2007, I experienced a life-changing event. I was six years old when my mother informed me that I would begin attending school the following day. I was excited because many of my cousins had already started school. I couldn’t sleep that night since I was constantly thinking about school, teachers, and students. My mum woke me up early the next morning. I had a bath. My mum dressed up nicely. We began walking to school after breakfast. She encouraged me and described to me the good environment in the school. We got to school around 20 minutes later. In the school, I noticed several youngsters playing. Some are conversing with one another. But no one is acquainted with me. Mother escorted me to the headmaster’s office. He questioned me briefly about poems and letters. I knew all the letters and had learned a ton of poems, so I was able to respond to him correctly.

He was happy with my response. Then I was admitted to that school. He summoned a teacher and escorted me to my class. I was enrolled in class 1. The class teacher and students welcomed me warmly. The class had 15 chairs that were all decorated with cartoon characters. The wall was covered in ABCs and numerals. It was a bright and colorful environment.

Then our class teacher asked my name. She then asked everyone to name the animals and birds that had been painted on a picture board. We all start singing the names together. It was a lot of fun. She was impressed with us and surprised us with candy at the end of the lesson. I was nervous at first, but I soon became normal.

It was a very amazing day. I will cherish this memory till my death.

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