Paragraph on my Favourite Teacher for Class 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

Paragraph on my favourite teacher (150 words)

A teacher is an influential person in everyone’s life. A teacher provides a good education and sets the foundation for great habits. I have a teacher who is very important to me. Sahanara Islam is one of my favorite teachers. She has a master’s degree in Math. Also, she has a teaching degree. She teaches us Math. Sahanara madam is completely knowledgeable about the subject. Her teaching style is interesting and exciting.

She loves all of her students as if they were her children. Our math teacher always dresses properly and simply. She is an extremely skilled person. Sahanara Islam prefers students who are well-mannered and disciplined. She never makes any difference between the students and is always willing to help the students. Ms. Sahanara always encourages the students. She is my favorite teacher because she always guides me in the right way. I am thankful to have had such a wonderful teacher in my life.

paragraph on my favourite teacher  (200 words)

We are students who have met a large number of teachers over our academic careers. Some of them have a big impact on us, which is why everyone has a favorite teacher in their lives. Nipul Pal Sir is my favorite teacher. He is 32 years old and healthy. He teaches us English, especially English 2nd Paper. I like him because he thoroughly explains everything. He is always a cheerful person. He has many unique qualities. We have a lot of fun in his class. For him, our day begins with so much excitement and enjoyment. Above all, he is a good teacher with an outstanding educational background.

He has an M.A. in English. Nipul pal sir is my favorite for many reasons. Firstly, his teaching style is simple and easy. Secondly, he has an effective, clear, and lovely voice. Every day, he teaches us a new style. He can quickly solve any grammar issue. Sir understands how to attract a student’s interest. He genuinely cares about his students. If a student fails to understand a grammatical problem, he always assists him or her to understand it. Nipul pal sir is especially nice to the weak students. And also he is honest, sincere, and respectful. He left a memorable impression in my mind. Nipul pal sir is the best instructor, advisor, and friend I’ve ever had.

paragraph on my favourite teacher (300 words)

A favorite teacher is someone who is liked by every student. In my life, I have a very special teacher. I have moved from many schools and met several wonderful teachers. But I’ve never come across someone like her. She is indeed my favorite teacher. Sheema Islam is my favorite teacher. When I first met her, I was in 8th grade. She was our class teacher. Every day, our first class was with her. She used to arrive early in the morning and take our attendance. She was our math teacher. I enjoyed paying close attention to her lessons. Also she was charming and caring. She never yelled at her students. And her behavior and voice were pleasant.

She had an extremely outstanding educational background. She got a B.A. and M.A. in math from Dhaka University. Which is one of the best universities in Bangladesh. She made math easy by explaining the problems as well as by giving shortcuts to solve problems. Ms Sheema also provided me confidence in my abilities to do math and ways to use them in the future. I felt she had influenced my attitude toward education positively since she is an example of an excellent teacher who has assisted students in improving their math skills.

Ms. Sheema Islam simplified math by giving her students faster methods to solve problems. She also went through problemson the board step by step, making it easier to understand. I’m a visual learner who requires detailed explanations when it comes to math. She also explained everything properly and was always willing to assist her students.Ms.Sheema was especially nice to the weak students. She was also honest, sincere, and respectful. Now that I’m in a different school, I miss her a lot. But she left a memorable impression in my mind. She is the best instructor, advisor, and friend I’ve ever had.

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