Popular Cricket Betting Markets and Types of Bets

Cricket is hugely popular in India, with millions of passionate fans following the sport closely. This has led to online betting app legal in India and becoming a massive market in the country. There are many ways one can bet on the different cricket match formats. Let’s explore the most popular cricket betting markets and types of bets available for Indian punters.

Major Cricket Betting Markets

When getting started with online games betting, it’s good to understand the most popular and common betting markets that centre around the overall match outcome. These markets offer simpler wagering options for newcomers, while also providing decent betting value for experts.

  • Match Winner Market

The match-winner market involves predicting which team will win a particular match or tournament. This requires analyzing factors like recent form, head-to-head records, and team strengths/weaknesses.

  • Top Batsman Market

The top batsman market requires bettors to predict which player will score the most runs in a match or tournament. Research into the players’ recent stats and analysis of playing conditions is required. 

  • Top Bowler Market

The top bowler market involves wagering on which bowler will take the most wickets. Again, recent performances and suitability to conditions need assessment.

  • Man of the Match Market

Man-of-the-match betting requires anticipating the standout player most likely to win the coveted match award. This brings higher risk but potentially lucrative payouts.

Other Popular Betting Markets

Once familiar with the basics, bettors can explore additional cricket betting markets that focus on specific events and occurrences within the match, rather than just the overall result. These provide greater betting variety and allow capitalizing on in-play dynamics.

Punters can wager on markets like the total runs to be scored, boundaries hit, or when the next wicket will fall. Bets can also be placed on individual batsman matchups and predict the outright winner in a tournament or test series.

  • Total Runs/Boundaries Scored 

Betting on the total runs scored requires assessing the pitch conditions, weather forecast, team strengths and other factors that influence scoring. 

  • Fall of Next Wicket

The fall of the next wicket market involves predicting when the next wicket will occur, which can shift based on match situations.

  • Batsman Match Bets

Batsman match bets require comparing two batsmen and picking which one will score more runs in a match based on their skills and recent form.

  • Series Winner

Series winner betting allows forecasting the likely tournament or test series champion from early on based on comprehensive team analysis.

Types of Bets in Cricket

Cricket also offers different types of betting besides just picking one outcome. Familiarise yourself with the most popular ones:

  • Straight Bets

Straight bets involve wagering on a single outcome, like India winning a T20 match or Virat Kohli being the top scorer.

  • Parlay Bets

Parlay bets allow combining predictions on multiple outcomes together in one bet slip, amplifying winnings but also risk.

  • Teasers 

Teasers involve moving the spread or odds to make a wager more favourable for the bettor. 

  • Prop Bets

Prop bets are placed on outcomes besides the match result, like player milestones or match occurrences.

  • Player Prop Bets

Player prop bets predict achievements like centuries scored or 5-wicket hauls taken by players.

  • Game Prop Bets

Game prop bets cover team milestones, like the highest opening partnership.

Live In-Play Betting

Thanks to technology, live in-play betting has exploded in popularity, allowing punters to wager on match events in real-time as the action unfolds. Markets like innings runs, next man out and total runs in upcoming overs see odds shift rapidly with match situations and player performances. The excitement of betting on cricket is amped up several notches with in-play betting.

Responsible Betting Practices 

While placing a wager on a cricket match can be a lot of fun, gamblers should always play within their means and only at legitimate, regulated sites. Gambling is more of a fun pastime than a serious way to gain money, so treat it as such. Problems can be avoided and fun can be sustained by avoiding dangerous practices like emotional betting and chasing losses.


To sum up, modern cricket betting entails much more than merely picking the victorious team. The variety of strategic betting opportunities keeps expanding as new forms, like Twenty20, provide an element of unpredictability and as new in-play markets, like the fall of the next wicket, add to the excitement. However, the keys to success are careful planning, measured risk-taking, and responsible actions.


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