Street Beggar Paragraph For Class 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

A street beggar Paragraph 150 (Class 6)

A street beggar is a person who begs for money to live. He is often seen begging on the street. Everyone is familiar with them. He can be found almost everywhere. They prefer crowding in front of large malls, busy streets, mosques, or temple entrances. He lives a miserable life. He uses pitiful speech to draw attention from passersby. His outfits are often torn and dusty. He is homeless. Street Beggar sleeps outside, either in the open or on the street. He walks around with a bowl and begs for money while praising Allah. People pity him and dole him money. Those who offer him money, he prays for them. If anyone refuses to give him money, he quietly leaves. Sometimes when he can’t get any money, he and his family starve. He has no prosperity in life. He and his family always live in poverty.

A street beggar Paragraph 200 (Class 7,8)

The one who doesn’t do any work and bags for money in the street is known as a street beggar. He doesn’t earn. He relies on others’ support.

Street beggars can be found both in towns and villages. In villages, he is often found sitting in the streets of village markets. Sometimes he goes from door to door to bag money. In towns, street beggars usually sit in front of big malls, in marketplaces, on foot over bridges, and even beside the footpaths. He typically creates a strange sound to draw the walkers’ attention. He often sings much Islamic lore or other folklore, quotes the holy Quran, and extends his curving plate to the givers. People pity him for his miserable condition. Out of pity, some offer him money. He praises those who donate to him. But he is often seen to be ignored. Sometimes he and his family starve for the lack of food.

However, a street beggar doesn’t have the basic human needs. He wears ripped and shabby clothes. He doesn’t have a home. So he is often seen sleeping under trees, in an open place, or on the roadside. If the government can provide them with basic human needs, they can live a pleasant life.

A street beggar Paragraph 300 (Class 9, 10)

A street beggar is known as who makes a living by asking money from person to person in the streets. It is a familiar but terrible sight in Bangladesh. However, they are often seen in towns and cities. A typical street beggar is an elderly, blind, or disabled person.

Street beggars typically wear shabby clothes. His clothes often have holes in them. Sometimes, he begs by himself, and sometimes we witness a group of beggars walking together. In the countryside, beggars typically carry bagging bags. But beggars usually hold out a plate in cities or towns to collect alms. Most beggars sing religious songs or poems to get people’s attention. Those who are mute make strange sounds to get people’s attention. Beggars are homeless.

So they usually sleep under trees, in shades, in parks, and even in an open places. Most beggars are indeed needy, and people are moved by their pitiful living conditions. Numerous times, we witness beggars afflicted by fatal illnesses that affect people. People donate to beggars out of generosity; beggars invoke the Almighty for their well-being. But occasionally, especially in urban areas, certain people who present as beggars are frauds. People who live in cities and towns have also developed a suspicion of beggars. So they often ignore it nowadays.

In any case, there are better methods to make a living than begging. And no one should be a beggar. So society and wealthy people should step up to fix this situation. The government can also play an essential part in removing this plague from society by providing work for them to live, as begging is simply unhelpful and wastes human resources. Finally, despite relying on people’s pity, a beggar should take steps to find work that matches his ability.

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