Visit to a book fair paragraph for Class 6, 7, 8, 9 and SSC

Visit to A book fair paragraph for class 6 (150 words)

A book fair is a kind of fair where all types of newly published and old books are sold. This year, I went to the Bangla Academy Book Fair with my uncle. There were a lot of stalls filled with various types of books. The stalls were well organized. They were arranged in rows. Every stall had a large number of books that were nicely organized. Thousands of people were coming and leaving the fair. It was overly crowded.

I was thrilled to discover that anyone could touch or read any book. I quickly ran from one stall to the next since I’d never seen so many books before. My uncle bought me a few storybooks and a painting book. I also collected a big list of books that I intend to purchase in the future. People of all ages were jammed into the stall. Suddenly I noticed the great writer Humayun Ahmed sitting on a chair in front of a stall. I also took his autograph and came back home. It was an amazing experience.

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A book fair paragraph for class 8  (200 words)

A book fair is a type of fair that displays and sells books. Last year I visited the Bangla Academy Book Fair which is one of the biggest book fairs in Bangladesh. The book fair started on 1st February and continued till 28 February.

I went to the fair on 12 February with my parents. There were thousands of visitors. The fair was overly crowded. There were many rows of nicely designed bookstalls. Bangla Academy’s buildings were nicely decorated. Visitors were moving from one row to the next. thousands of books were available in the stalls. People were looking for their favorite books. Anyway, we went to a bunch of stalls and bought a lot of books: There were storybooks, science fiction, and autobiographies among them. My younger brother and mother purchased a few books. All of a sudden I noticed that the great writer Humayun Ahmed was sitting on a chair in front of a stall. And poet Al Mahmud was also sitting beside him. Two great personalities were talking with each other and curious people were gathering around them to take their autographs. I also took their autograph. The beautiful memory will always be in my mind.

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Visit to a book fair paragraph for Class 9 and SSC (300 words)

A book fair is a kind of fair where all types of newly published and old books are displayed and sold. My friends and I decided to go to the fair because it only happens once a year. We arrived at the fair’s gate at 11 a.m. and purchased our tickets. There was a long line of book lovers in front of the counter. It shocked me that people still read books in the age of e-books. Then we entered the main fair. We passed by banners of all sizes, with the larger publishers holding the largest stalls. Aside from local publishers, national and international publishers were also represented at the show. We went to several of the stalls and noticed the large range of books, which included story books, novels, anatomy, and medicine books, and others.

Later, we went to the other halls, making sure to stop by the international participants’ stalls. There were also food stalls to provide refreshments, and we helped our exhaustion by sipping hot coffee. As the hours passed, the number of visitors increased, making it difficult for us to walk freely in the stalls. We started heading back home around 7 p.m. Even though it was a February evening, we were almost saturated in sweat. We were glad to carry the large bundles of books we had purchased, and we desired that such book fairs were conducted more regularly so that people would be inspired to read more.

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